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Do Not Call Data Scrubbing


There are a number of state and federal Do Not Solicit (DNS) laws that require direct marketing firms to ensure that they do not contact consumers who have explicitly stated that they do not wish to be contacted.  

Cascade Callworks has developed an application called "The Scrubber"  that will "scrub" your lead lists against the National Do Not Call Registry, various state lists, agency lists (such as the DMA Telephone Preference Service List), and your own internal lists (such as your corporate current customer list or your corporate DNS list).  The Scrubber returns the leads that are allowed to be called and (optionally) a list of all of the leads purged.  The Scrubber also detects and removes duplicates. 

Key Benefits

Stay in compliance with federal and state Do Not Call regulations
Avoid large (some > $25,000 per incident) fines if scrubbing not performed
Avoid calling those that will be hostile to your phone representatives, saving you time and money

We offer 24 hour turnaround on most electronic submissions.

Call us for more details and an explanation of how this service is a must for your inside and outside calling projects.

View & Print DNS Scrubbing Submission Form.doc

The file below shows the required input formats for DNS submission.

View & Print Import Formats.doc

The file below shows the fields that are exported by the scrubbing application.

View & Print Export Fields.doc